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 + Buyer Beware: Seconds, Reproductions, Fakes, Frauds and a few collecting myths

As with any collectible items, there will always be fakes, reproductions, seconds, etc. and the unscrupulous dirtbags who push them off on unsuspecting buyers as the real, original item. For skateboard collectors, the story is no different. However, the sad part for us is that nine times out of ten, it is skaters screwing over other skaters, and that should go without saying, is the lowest of the low.

Due to heavy activity in the selling of fakes on eBay around 2000/2001, we decided to put together this area of the site to serve as a watchdog to inform and possibly protect the unwitting buyers out there. We do understand....when you see that prized old school deck that you have searched so hard for, it is difficult not to jump right on it. However, we hope this section will provide a little bit of help in researching some of these decks BEFORE it is too late.

But where are these all coming from? Who is behind it? What is the story with how they came to by? What sellers on eBay are pushing these? Well, eBay sellers can easily change names or use other accounts to sell and cross-sell, so rather than name names directly with little or no direct proof, I refer you to the Price Guide to refer to the decks and photos listed, look for any patterns in selling and make your own judgement calls. If you have more information to add, please contact us !

Hosoi, Skull Skates and the Pink (and other color) Hammerheads
Early 90's blind, World Industries, Plan B, and 101 decks
Vintage Sims Taper/Woodkicks, NHS Bearings and more
Karl Gao and the Chinese Powell Golden Dragon Corporation Decks

Others to beware of...

  • Lester Kasai Clown Splash -

    This rumor has circulated for some time, but there does seem to be a large number of them floating around. From info coming in to us, they seem to be produced out of Canada by the same distributor that makes the fake Hosoi Hammerheads. At this time, there seems to be no clear way to distinguish the real from the fakes. In the end, AoS advises "buyer beware".

  • Grosso Wonderland Spider -
    Grosso Wonderland


    Not only is this a bad fake but it is so obviously poor as well. Yet, this deck has made several rounds around eBay. Even Jim Phillips has called it out as a fake! Check it out in detail here!

  • Malba Land Where I Live (Gun Graphic) -
    Land Where I Live
    With Wheel Wells

    Without Wheel Wells

    A newly screened dogtown blank? A lot of these have shown up on eBay suddenly which has fueled speculation. This may in be in part to someone trying to take advantage of the Dogtown Z-Boys movie. Collectors point out that the deck showing on eBay "don't have wheel wells!!! Check your thrashers the Dogtown ads clearly show wheel wells on that deck,or check and look at his,they have wheel wells!!!!" Other info coming to us says that they are the real deal that a certain distributor has been sitting on for some time (keep in mind that they were not exactly the biggest sellers back in their day). Look closely however, and you will notice that the screen on the non-wheel well version is slightly off center (the "rope" at the top truck area seems to always be slightly to the right as opposed to centered). This could possibly be a "second" that they did not bother with the time/labor of forming wheel wells after the defect was noticed, or it could be re-screened onto blanks (lots of this shape exist). With the truth about this deck unknown at this time, all AoS can advise is "buyer beware".

And as always, buyer beware! Check pictures on eBay very closely. Blemished decks or factory seconds are very difficult to spot. Before bidding, always check via the "Advanced Search" option, the seller's past history and feedback. Look for anything in the history that may look sketchy (i.e. using another user id to bid on their own items....yes, it happens....or listing the same deck every number of days). My best advice is to deal only with collectors you trust!

¤ Alert List
The following list is items that we suggest you research before buying. These are not necessarily "fakes", but are items that collectors have identified as suspicious. For more information, read the articles for each below.
Hosoi Hammerhead (pink or black)
1992-1994 Plan B, Blind, World Industries, 101
   >Plan B Danny Way Shotgun
   >Plan B Danny Way Leprechaun
   >Plan B Sal Barbier Pollution
   >Blind Henry Sanchez
   >Blind Rudy Johnson Spark Plug
   >Blind Guy Mariano
     Accidental Gun Death
   >101 Kris Markovich Evil Knevil
   >101 Gabriel Rodriguez
   >World Industries Jeremy Klein
     Black-Eye Kid
Vintage Sims Woodkick
Hosoi Hammerhead (pink or black)
Lester Kasai Clown Splash
Hosoi Hammerhead (pink or black)
Grosso Wonderland Spider
Dogtown Mabla Land Where I Live
Chineese Powell Peraltas