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The following are some selected quotes from the many and varied emails we receive about our site that we thought you might enjoy:

"Awesome website! A friend of mine showed it to me because he said I should check it out since I stumbled upon this rare find [attached picture of near mint Duane Peters deck] last weekend while skating the Redwood city outdoor skatepark in Northern California. ...take care and skate for fun,

- Steve Caballero
"Super cool site, by the way. I can spend hours surfing it. Here's a pic of my first model, if you want it to add to the others on your site. How about more 60's boards? "
- Sam Cunningham
"you have a great still sk8ing"
- Bill Tocco
"Good to hear from you after so long, I work for a finance company in San Diego and there is not a day goes by that I am not thinking about skateboarding. I had 14 decks out there and I only saved about 5 so your help would be greatful in getting me some help in trying to locate some of these. I remember Birmingham well as one the great times I had on tour and of going to your buddies house playing pool all night long drinking beer. Keep in touch."
- Fred Olande (after he realized who ran this site)
"howdy all- great site, great cause, etc etc. you may know me as the founding artist of consolidated skateboards or as an artist for nhs for a few years. ..... anyhoo- just found the site and wanted to say congrats and thanks for keeping this crappy life of ours alive."
- Moish Brenman (artist)

"Dear friends at Art of Skateboarding:
fuck you i tried like 10 times to get a account all it sayss is duplicat infomation fix it cause i want an acount! "
- [name withheld]

AOS Response:" You already have TWO accounts....username: [withheld] and [withheld]. I deleted the first and left the second. I reset the password too....login and change it.....and FUCK YOU TOO!"

"im an artist from philadephia who is best known for gallery-type stuff, but i also work as a designer for toy machine. i've jumping and pushing since 86', but became friends with ed through our tiny art-world, and have worked with him since around 97. ive probably done about 15 boards since then, and have ten more or so coming out over the summer , as my work load for toy increases. i just wanted you to know that your site is a valueable resource for an artist that respects the fragile and temporary beauty of skateboard graphics. "
- Jim Houser (artist)
"I am the wife of Skip Engblom - SMA santa Monica Airlines.....can I join for Skip? He's got the low down on the History etc. See his web site and could also help with restoration questions. How do I begin? "
- Martha Engblom
"Thank you have a great site, very comprehensive. I wish I still had a few of the Animal Skins left, I saw the price of $500.....yikes! I'll ask some of my old buddies about their deck artwork, done back in the good old days, ( especially for Vision ) that never received credit. Me and 2 of my friends still have and own the old SilverStreak skatecar....Thanks again "
- Tom West (artist)
"Pretty cool website! nice to see my brothers and my old boards that i dont have again. keep it up. "
- Lance Conklin
"Hi, nice site! My name is Chris Pastras and I own Stereo skateboards. You have an impressive archive! "
- Chris "Dune" Pastras
"Obviously, I don't need to tell you that the purely skate related draw to collecting is huge. I just think what we're seeing now is a new perspective on it, and we're seeing recognition further and further outside the core realm of skating. Your site, in my opinion, is doing it best. I think you're doing a great job.
"Hello, just came across your site. It's really amazing. I saw that you had posted some really old boards that I did for girl and all the boards for my new company rasa libre. That's so rad. I'm totally flattered to be included. "
- Michael Leon
"I would love to be able to tell people where to find my [blackhart] wheels, and decks. If not for purchase, then at least have your fantastic website, "ART OF SKATEBOARDING" be first and foremost, if not "THE" premier site for research on these items. much ablidged. "
- Rick Blackhart
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If you would like to send AoS some goodies, petty cash, ex-girlfriends pics, mint NOS decks, etc., please mail to:

Art of Skateboarding
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1208 Oxford Ct.
Birmingham, AL 35242 USA

...and thanks in advance!

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