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Today is . Currently there are 69237 Members of Art of Skateboarding!
May 26 2023
AOS HITS 28K!!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Another milestone came to pass today. I have been on my latest, slow "blitz" getting the Zero listings caught up, and just noticed that we passed over 28,000 items listed in the "price guide". The march continues to 30K!!! Thanks for all the support!
Sep 7 2022
1031 BLITZ! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) I spent a bit of time going through and getting the 1031 Skateboards listing as complete as I possibly could. 1031 had a short run from 2006 through 2014, but has a big following.
Aug 23 2022
92-ish Skateboarding Catalog ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know this, but Manuel Fuentes finally got his book, "92-ish Skateboarding Catalog",published. It has been a passion project of his for years, and it definitely shows! I wanted to let some time pass from the first hype when it was released, but want to remind you that it is still out and available. Manuel says the best way to get a copy now is just to email him direct at and he can send more details. AOS gets a mention, but even without it, this is a MUST for any collector's library! GET IT!!!
July 7 2022
AOS HITS 27K!!!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Another milestone came to pass today. We passed over 27,000 items listed in the "price guide". The march continues to 30K!!! Thanks for all the support!
May 27 2022
Verification finally fixed? ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) This one has been a longggg time going. Supposedly, my host has worked out the issues with no one getting their verification emails (for some reason, they were locking my email account from sending out emails due to "more than 3 spam message within 10 minutes". I am still trying to get that part cleared up as to what they mean (since my site sends me a LOT of emails for "triggers" within the data base issues or hackers attempting attacks). I did test with a "fake" new member and I did get the email sent to me at a Google account. Sooooo for is working. If you had trouble getting verified, just go in and click the link to get verified again to have a new email sent to you with your code and instructions. Apologies for all the headaches. Trust me...this has given me more headaches than anyone!
May 23 2022
Cali4nia SKATExpress 1995 ad ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Added and updated ALL of the decks listed in the full page Cali4nia SKATExpress ad from Thrasher magazine's 1995 December issue. Enjoy!
Apr 29 2022
World Industries Visual Aid 1997 ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Added all reference info and missing decks as well as additional images from the World Industries "Visual Aid May 1997" poster
Dec 20 2021
AOS HITS 26k!!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) A little early Christmas for you from AOS. The elves have been hard at work! Added a BUNCH of interesting and rare new entries into the guide! We passed 26K items listed!!! Enjoy!
Sep 20 2021
Pizza BLITZ!!!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Every once in a while, I pick a company and do what I call a "blitz" on find and post every deck I can find for them to try to catch up their listings. This time I noticed that I had neglected Pizza Skateboards. I had nothing listed for them but now have almost 200 decks listed from 2013 till now. I was actually surprised they survived over the years, but they have out some pretty clever graphics and kept keeping it fresh. I tried to find and list any and all I could. If I missed any, just send info...model, year, where to find, etc....and I will add them too! Enjoy!
Dec 30 2020
South Shore Distributing winter 1996/1997 ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) The winter 1996/1997 South Shore Distributing (Houston,TX) catalog has now been referenced/added/etc. into the Price Guide. ALL decks updated! (NOTE: I was missing ONE page from the catalog)
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