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 + Step-By-Step Guide to Deck Restoration

Because not everyone has the natural talent and creativity or the desire to suffer through trial-and-error, the following are various step-by-step guides that will walk you through some of the trickier restoration processes:
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Want to show off your grand project or projects here? Email us and include the following info:
  • Title of Work
  • What name to display as "by"
  • Before Image (160x450 pixels)
  • After Image (160x450 pixels)
  • A description of the process (optional). You may include additional images as well, but please format the text and images in HTML as you want it displayed. Send those images or links to them as well.
@ Got Tips?
Think you have some good restoration tricks and tips? Want to share your tales of restoration trials and tribulations with others? Well, drop us a line and let us hear about it!