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 + Newest Entries and Updates to the Price Guide

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The following are the newest additions or updates to the Art of Skateboarding Price Guide sorted in chronological order:
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Type Item Category Date
*UPDATED* Cutthroat Skateboards> Deck> Sandin Decks 10/22/2020(orignal date 9/21/2006)
*UPDATED* Powell Peralta> Deck> Lil Bastard Fighter Squadron Decks 10/22/2020(orignal date 8/6/2020)
*UPDATED* Shorty's> Deck> Ripper Decks 10/20/2020(orignal date 1/27/2014)
*UPDATED* Sims> Smith> Grinning Crescent Decks 10/20/2020(orignal date 10/5/2009)
*UPDATED* Sims> Smith> Dollar Buck Decks 10/20/2020(orignal date 6/20/2002)
*UPDATED* Sims> Smith> Sun Face Decks 10/20/2020(orignal date 5/17/2002)
*UPDATED* Sims> Smith> Sun and Moon Decks 10/20/2020(orignal date 6/24/2002)
NEW Zorlac> Newton> Newtron Bomb Freestyle 10/19/2020
NEW Blind> Gonzales> Nature in its Highest Form Decks 10/18/2020
*UPDATED* Blind> Gonzales> Fish Car Collage Decks 10/18/2020(orignal date 4/30/2002)
*UPDATED* Santa Cruz> Demontrond> Swindle series - Spidey Decks 10/17/2020(orignal date 10/16/2020)
*UPDATED* Plan B> Barbier> Metallica (slick) Decks 10/16/2020(orignal date 1/25/2005)
NEW Skateboard World> Jones> Germ Free - Adrian Jones Decks 10/15/2020
NEW Skateboard World> Murdoch> Aces Skates - Biff Model 2 Decks 10/15/2020
*UPDATED* Skateboard World> Murdoch> Biff Murdoch Concave Model Decks 10/15/2020(orignal date 4/13/2018)
*UPDATED* Barfoot> Deck> RKL Decks 10/14/2020(orignal date 6/12/2002)
*UPDATED* Powell Peralta> Hawk> Street Hawk Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 4/22/2002)
*UPDATED* Shut (early Zoo York)> Deck> Shark Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 8/4/2002)
*UPDATED* Dogtown> Alba> Malba Mini Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 5/29/2002)
*UPDATED* Dogtown> Schroeder> Big Ben mini Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 5/9/2002)
*UPDATED* Steadham> Deck> Ragerz (street model) Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 6/5/2002)
*UPDATED* Steadham> Deck> Citizen X Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 5/19/2002)
*UPDATED* Walker> Deck> Scary Monster Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 7/6/2002)
*UPDATED* Santa Monica Airlines> Hartsel> Hartsel Full Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 10/3/2002)
*UPDATED* Lucero (Lucero Ltd)> Lucero> 12xU Decks 10/13/2020(orignal date 4/22/2002)
Page 1 of 978: [ 1 ] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next>  End>>
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