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 + Submit Information to the Pricing and Collectors Guide

The Price and Collecting Guide is a work in progress. We are constantly updating and adding to it as we gather more information. As such, we ask for your help in sending in any information you think might be useful. If you find we are missing skaters, companies, etc. in our list, please send the names to us. If you come across incorrect or non-existant data, please correct us. If you find images of decks or other items you think we could use, send us the link. For the most part, if you wish to help in any way, please send us your information! For now, please use our Contact Page. If you wish to include images in your email to us, please use the email address listed at the top of the contact page.

When sending, please include reference. For example, say "Please add *insertname* to your list of skaters." or "Add the following information to your listing for deck *insert ID from price guide*.". If you are sending price information, please send a verifiable reference, such as an eBay auction number, that we can look up. If you wish to send us an image, please send the full URL and description, such as "You can find a great picture of a mint *insert deck name* here!".

The basic information we need for deck listings (and most other items as well) includes:

  • Title of work (if the artwork/graphic has a specific name)
  • Company that produced the deck
  • Year in which the deck was first produced and on the market
  • Skater (the pro who the deck was for or "team deck" for a general release)
  • Additional Information (optional; this would be any extra bits of interesting information about the deck such as what the graphic meant to the pro, production issues/variaitons, etc)
  • Name in which to credit the images you send (this appears in the "Courtesy of..." information)

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