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AOS overhaul...LOTS of changes!!!!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
3/8/2014 - Saturday

Andddddd we are back!!!! is back online after about a week of updating.

Sorry about that. Figured it was a good time to totally replace a lot of what we had crippling along since 2001 with some of the AOS 2.0 (and even some 3.0) stuff.

So a LOT of the changes are "under the hood" but will make changes, updates, modifications ,tracking, etc. a lot easier now.

First and foremost, I need YOUR help. Click every link, add stuff, delete stuff, give a thorough go...and try to break it! Tell me what isn't working. I ran it all through IE/Firefox/Chrome without any major issues but I can never be sure.

As for the "new" stuff you will find....overall, the WHOLE look and feel is a bit different....fluid table controls....etc....but here goes off the top of my head....
1. "table control"....any where you see "thumbnails" of images in a table, YOU can control the layout (rows, columns, alignment) using either a side menu or a table changer up top.

2. the member's COLLECTION area got a WHOLE lot cooler....better layout to manage your collection. Also coming VERY can create any kind of custom "groups" of items in your collection for others to view (like grouping your "Santa Cruz decks" or "Decks I used to own" or however you like).

3. the now can flag up to 3 items as "grails" which others will see and carry more "weight" in searches.

4. AOS History area...where we came from and milestones hit (more to be added here)

5. Deck shape guide in the Price Guide area.....just to help folks when they try to ID a deck on how to refer to it....nothing major but adds to helping collectors.

6. Restorations area completely revamped.

7. Surveys....a lot more flexible...we can now do member only/private surveys....logged surveys...etc. Just easier now to do more.

8. Like the Price Guide, you can now Facebook/Twitter "share" from Collections too (just for you Slob! haha)'s late...but I know there is more......BUT what is coming soon (now with the framework in place)....

1. Facebook-ish member profiles.....public view for members to see....add friends....and "group" your friends as well much like the new Collections system....and define how those groups see your updates. Mini-profiles will be shown on any "member related" pages (wants, trades, collections, etc)

2. AOS Feed.....daily updated feed of ANY events that happen in AOS.....decks we add/update...wants/trades added.....auctions....your friends status updates...etc....all on the main page!

3. Ability to flag items in Price Guide as "I own that"....much like the wants/trades....but this will let others know who currently owns what items (for tracking among the community as well as letting folks know how many are out in the wild)

4. proper "events" and "news" section....complete overhaul...easier to maintain.

5. ability to comment and/or rate just about anything! The Price Guide allows this now but rolling it out to the Restoration projects, collections, trades, wants, etc.

...again, there is much more, but I am just tired now and want to sleep so I can skate all day tomorrow. More info as it comes!

LATER!!!! (and thanks for your patience)

...start sending those bug reports. I will check here (this thread and my PMs) for issues!

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