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Danny Way needs YOUR help!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
4/20/2016 - Wednesday

Danny Way posted on social media sites that his collection was stolen some years back and included in there was his first deck (the Steve Godoy art "rabbit in a hat" super rare one!). He is trying to return one to his personal collection as it has a lot of sentimental meaning to him. If you have one or info on one, please let us know!

from Danny Way: "This is the board that initiated my professional skate career 27 years ago, it has the most sentimental value to me out of any of boards that have ever been released throughout my career as my pro model, unfortunately I don't own one because my home was broken into years ago and my collection was cleaned out where I lost all the boards that had huge sentimental value to me. To this day it still hurts thinking about it because I don't have 1 of these in my collection. We produced these boards in limited quantities as part of the release campaign but that has made them more rare and really hard to find."

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