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AOS BREAKS 20,000 !!!!!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
7/29/2017 - Saturday

That's right, this morning, we broke through the 20,000 mark. That's over 20,000 items now listed in the guide. To put that into perspective, we broke 10,000 back in 2004....and sure, I have slacked on updates here and there, but that was still a while back! Really stoked to break 20k and could not do it without the help AND SUPPORT of the community (you folks!!!). Long back, Sean Cliver and I were kinda joking back and forth at just how many there could be to list."Surely, no more than 25 thousand or so." I think 30K is doable. So let's get to it!!!! ...and I hate to sound like a "sales guy", but keep in mind the site is all on MY TIME and MY if you feel like showing a little appreciation, any donation via PayPal is MUCH appreciated! This helps the site keep going!

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