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Verification finally fixed?(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
5/27/2022 - Friday

This one has been a longggg time going. Supposedly, my host has worked out the issues with no one getting their verification emails (for some reason, they were locking my email account from sending out emails due to "more than 3 spam message within 10 minutes". I am still trying to get that part cleared up as to what they mean (since my site sends me a LOT of emails for "triggers" within the data base issues or hackers attempting attacks). I did test with a "fake" new member and I did get the email sent to me at a Google account. Sooooo for is working. If you had trouble getting verified, just go in and click the link to get verified again to have a new email sent to you with your code and instructions. Apologies for all the headaches. Trust me...this has given me more headaches than anyone!

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