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The decks keep coming!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
10/3/2002 - Thursday

Even before I could get all of the deck pics Gus sent put in the PG, another member has now began sending pics from their personal collection...and it is amazing! About 150 deck pics so far from 1988-93...some *new* ones for the PG and other interesting variations. Among the ones sent so far....

- TONS of H-street decks (about 3-4 new ones)

- Several LIFE decks including Sheffey's "By All Means Necessary"

- Several Powell variations

- Lots of Santa Cruz decks

- a RARE Lucero Red Cross WHITE deck

- New Deal decks galore including Girard Pinball and Templeton Cat

- G&S decks by the truckload including a mint Blender Pow-Pow

- much, much more on the way!!!

I will get them in as quick as I can. All of them came with 2 decks to a pic, so I have to cut them, crop them and resize before even uploading. It will get done though....


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