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Some surprise decks coming!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
11/19/2002 - Tuesday

I received some emails over the past two days with some GREAT deck pics attached....J.Gillum sends THE first Sims Phillips...earlier than the one AoS has!...also, a pre-Powell Steadham pic...and our pal, Micha, sends pics from his bosses collection featured in the recent "Hamburger Skateboardtage" show...lots of rare Euro decks (Titus and others)...and a big, BIG surprise Powell pig that is sure to blow minds! Bad news is....I am currently preparing to install a new hard drive and OS on my home computer where all the development "magic" happens, so until that is done, I am not making any changes to the site or adding to the database. If all goes well, I will be done on friday and have those pics in over the weekend though. Also, remember that I still have around 200 decks to add from all the ones I had before. Stay tuned!

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