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Things in the Works at Skull Skates(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
5/20/2003 - Tuesday

PD from Skull Skates sends word: "wanted to let you know the Bill Danforth and Kent Senatore models are in stock and look killer! Bill just spent 5 days in Vancouver touring our famous concrete parks, busting layback rollouts, millerflips etc. on his new model with a sweet pool shape and traditional, skully Nomad graphics...Kent is living skating surfing in Hawaii and skates like a mutha [his new model features the infamous Turning Point "Punkture Madness" graphic] . Also for fans of punk rock, look for the new ltd. edition SNFU skateboard coming some other band boards are in the works [big secret] check the product section at after May 21st for all the new stuff that just came out for our 25th anniversary this year!!!"
Big thanks to PD for the updates!

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