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The Twister ?(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
4/21/2004 - Wednesday

A *new* member store will be added shortly for a device called the "Twister". What is it? It is a device which will straighten warped decks. No kiddin! Early reports from impartial testers say the thing really does work. They were just as shocked too! Warpage usually occurs with changes in humidity or improper curing or such that cause the wood to loose moisture and dry out. According to the inventor of this product, it takes roughly 2 weeks to slowly re-straighten a single deck by reintroducing moisture slowly as to not damage the deck. The process/product is going through the patent process at the moment, but once ready, the store will be open here! I can not wait to see this thing in action. Maybe Black Label should order a few. *grin*

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