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Reason to Believe - dvd(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
11/7/2005 - Monday

Well, I got to go to the big time video premier this past friday night and it was a blast! Jamie Thomas and Ben Gilley were in the crowd. The video itself just made it in time due to the efforts of Jamie Thomas and director, Joel Dembowski, driving it over direct from all night editting from Atlanta. The video itself in my opinion was very very well done. I get tired of seeing the typical vids these days of the same handful of guys hitting the same handrail or whatever and doing the same tricks over and over...that just bores me to tears. This is NOT one of those videos! Great mix of skaters, locations, etc. I HIGHLY recommend you get a copy. They will be available either in late November or early December. To order, go HERE and tell them AOS sent ya!!! (*oh yeh, and there is some news and pics from the premier party there too...haha)

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