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The Animal Chin SE price debate continues...(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
12/15/2005 - Thursday

Got word that the forums over at the Powell( web site have been fairly active with folks complaining about the price of the Animal Chin Special Edition DVD set. Seems there were quite a few negative posts that were removed by Powell (it is a private forum, so they can censor/remove whatever they please quite freely). What most surprised me was the response from a Powell employee who is responding to the posts. He came off rather flippant and almost insulting (for example "im sorry you cant afford it. maybe you could ask to borrow some money from your parents."). In fairness, his responses were removed as well. But the debate continues. Is the Animal Chin SE dvd priced too high? $50 is quite a lot. Think of the price for folks in countries outside the US!

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