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R.I.P. Ray Underhill(source Wighat / Skull and Bones / reported by AMORONE)
8/2/2008 - Saturday

Ray turned pro for Powell Peralta during the 1980s, earned his own model, and traveled the world for contests and demos. He eventually married, had two children, and settled in North Carolina, where he worked for Eastern Skateboard Supply as a graphic artist. Last year Ray was diagnosed with a chordoma brain tumor. He's undergone surgeries and battled back from paralyzed vocal cords and other complications. Since January, Ray had a few MRI's with continuous tumor growth. After consulting with an oncologist, Ray was placed on 2 different oral chemo medications without success. He was taking an IV chemo once a week up at Duke with hopes that this would slow down the tumor growth. On top of fighting the battle with the nasty tumor, Ray experienced several bouts with aspiration pneumonia and was recently hospitalized with blood clots in his lungs but told the doctor he needed to be released in time for Keaton's 13th birthday. Unfortunately for all of us he couldn't fight any longer. Ray Underhill passed away on the morning of August 1st. He was so much more than just a much beloved pro skater. He was husband to Kerry, father to Keaton and Olivia...and a great guy all around. As Buddy Carr said about him "In all my years of knowing Ray, I never heard that guy utter a negative word about anyone.". Ray will be greatly missed. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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