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To keep you in the loop...(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
2/22/2011 - Tuesday

I kinda forget that some people have not been with AOS all along the way. Therefore, I often forget to let everyone know what is going on. First off, to be clear...AOS (at the moment) is a ONE MAN SHOW. It was thought up, created, built and maintained all by me...Chris Solomon (a skater since 1986-ish from the good ol' deep South in Alabama). Currently, there is actually the site you see now...which I have to keep up and maintain as time allows...and also a whole NEW site that is slowly...painfully slowly it seems at times...being developed. The "new" one will "wow!" you (I hope). Think of it as Facebook meets AOS meets eBay meets Wiki meets super models!(haha). BUT I don't want to just rush it out until it's DONE. That's the hold up. Once done...there will be more than just myself involved as well. Soooo....WHEN I can get to that will all be gravy and more time to skate! Just thanks for your patience in the meantime and stick around for more to come!

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