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SAVE THE PROPERTY!!!!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
5/5/2011 - Thursday

Ok AOS folks...I do not do this often, so when I do, you should know it is serious business. Some fellow skaters and a skateboarding mecca needs your help. The Property is a hidden jewel of a skateboard wonderland tucked away in FLorida. Think of it as the Southern version of Skatopia or Burnside if you will. Well, seems the taxman cometh and they need help holding on to the place...SERIOUSLY! A Facebook group has been started and the support has been tremendous. However, they still need help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give what you can to save the Property!!! Here is the Facebook link: SAVE THE PROPERTY! .You can find details there on where to go to make a Paypal donation or send a check by mail. THANKS!

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