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In this input box, you will enter either a full or partial name you wish to search for as either a buyer or seller in any transactions (you can further filter on their involvement in the next selection). If you want to search on multiple names, simply separate your entries with a space. For example, you could enter "hawk001 artcollector simplesimon" and the search would look for all three of those names entered.
With this option, you may filter how you wish to view the information. This will search for the name you entered as a participant in exchanges as only the "seller", only the "buyer" or for any listings (ie. both seller or buyer).
This allows you to filter on the type of transaction (auction, private sale, trade, etc).
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 + Buyer/Seller Transaction Search

Art of Skateboarding provides this section to allow members and visitors to search for the transaction history of particular buyers, sellers or both. We do not claim to have all transactions stored, but we do record as much as we can that is publicly available via eBay (and other auction sites), updated directly by members in the Price Guide or sent to us via emails. We make no judgments on the business ethics of any of the buyers or sellers listed. This is merely another way of viewing the information we provide via the Price Guide Price History listed for individual items. If you have any transaction information that we do not have listed, please contact us via email with the details. Likewise, if you have corrections for any information listed, please contact us as well.

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11/9/2018DecksMelting Clocks (street model)(eBay) from theoldskater to g***r$2,044.00 USD*NO*
11/8/2018DecksReaper(eBay) from theoldskater to n***o$2,345.00 USD*NO*
11/8/2018DecksGonz Re-Issue Graphic on ATM(eBay) from sk8supply to 8***o$1,630.00 USD*NO*
11/8/2018DecksShogo 2 Pineapple(Private Sale) from tmdjj5 to Donofthedead$115.00 USD*NO*
11/6/2018DecksDanny the Menace(eBay) from Mnc101 to v***7$3,634.00 USD*NO*
11/5/2018DecksStar Wars - Yoda(eBay) from Porkchop_express to v***7$7,800.00 USDyes
10/30/2018DecksBarrel of a Gun(eBay) from listentosabbath to rreb-en-oyhqv1e $200.00 USD*NO*
10/29/2018DecksWerewolf(eBay) from progresh to 0***i$405.00 USD*NO*
10/27/2018DecksSplit Personality(Trade) from Anon to Rob$1,200.00 USD*NO*
10/24/2018DecksGreen Glob Guy(eBay) from boo7pey to a***5$3,550.00 USD*NO*
10/24/2018DecksScarecrow(eBay) from boo7pey to 1***_$1,875.00 USD*NO*
9/20/2018DecksReissue - Turner Napping Negro(eBay) from 503gallagher to Sweet_baby_octane$370.00 USD*NO*
9/15/2018DecksReissue - Turner Napping Negro(eBay) from vwcabriolet to Dont know$406.00 USD*NO*
8/30/2018DecksClassic (full)(eBay) from whorecat to flowermagee$470.00 USD*NO*
8/16/2018DecksCoffee Break(eBay) from sk8collector to o***n$323.00 USD*NO*
8/14/2018DecksDragon and Bats(eBay) from jaybles333 to Buyer Unknown$310.00 USD*NO*
8/11/2018DecksStreet Stripe 3(eBay) from kkyy23 to us_kuba$150.00 USD*NO*
8/8/2018DecksMars Attacks (artist series) - YYYYs(eBay) from nelson_269 to 8***1$1,150.00 USD*NO*
7/27/2018DecksLarge Sun(eBay) from industryinsider to thoma.brad$500.00 USD*NO*
7/24/2018Decks3 Monkeys(eBay) from benborden102 to us_kuba$102.00 USD*NO*
7/12/2018DecksReaper - Saber(Private Sale) from dkulig to us_kuba$250.00 USD*NO*
7/4/2018DecksNatas - Shepard Fairey(eBay) from atticskateshop to e***o$291.00 USD*NO*
7/3/2018DecksMermaid in the Net(eBay) from porkchop_express to us_kuba$227.00 USD*NO*
6/29/2018DecksBender(eBay) from seeseesalvage to Buyer Unknown$218.00 USD*NO*
6/23/2018DecksSide Panel (slick)(eBay) from Jamephillip_21 to 8***o$305.00 USDyes
6/20/2018DecksFillion Flower(Private Sale) from private to me$650.00 USD*NO*
6/20/2018DecksClassic (full)(eBay) from wavemaster1 to Not Visable$450.00 USD*NO*
6/17/2018DecksMars Attacks (artist series) - Pitch Grim (unbagged)(eBay) from Pitchgrim to e***o$1,500.00 USD*NO*
6/16/2018DecksStained Glass(eBay) from Timelesstien to d***u$550.00 USDyes
6/16/2018DecksCrash and Burn(eBay) from timelesstien to d***u$470.00 USDyes
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Total for selected search: $3,885,064.25 USD  
(*Note: Total may include auctions where reserve was not met)  
Prices reflect the item in mint condition (unless otherwise noted) and are shown for historical purposes only. Keep in mind that the current value of an item is only what the market will bear. These prices should be used for reference purposes only and not as an indicator of exact current value.
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